Fish Fry Menu

All dinners and combo meals include bread and butter with your choice of french fries or baked potato AND a choice of coleslaw or a tossed salad with Ranch, Red French or House Dressing


DINNERS                                                         1 Piece                                    2 Pieces

Baked Cod                                                       $10                                          $12

Fried Cod                                                         $9                                            $11

Fried Catfish                                                   $9                                            $11

Fried Walleye                                                 $8                                            $10


Shrimp, 8 pieces                                             $12

Half Chicken                                                    $11

Chicken Tenders, 3 pieces                           $7


COMBO MEALS                                               Any 2 items, $12                    Any 3 items, $15

Choose from the following items

Fried Cod, 1pc                                                Fried Walleye, 1pc                 Shrimp, 4pc

Baked Cod, 1pc                                              Fried Catfish, 1pc                   Chicken Tenders, 3pc

SOUP OF THE DAY                                         Cup, $3                                    Bowl, $5


All kid’s meals include bread and butter with your choice of french fries of baked potato OR coleslaw or tossed salad

Baked Cod, 1pc $8                                         Fried Cod, 1pc $7                   Fried Catfish, 1pc $7

Fried Walleye, 1pc $6                                     Chicken Tenders, 3pc $5        Mac and cheese, $7

Choice of BBQ or Ranch Dressing


Baked Cod, $4                                                 Chicken Tenders, 3pc $3         Shrimp, 4 pc $5

Fried Cod, $4                                                   Fried Catfish, $4                     Fried Walleye, $3

Large mac and cheese, $5                              Baked potato, $2                    Coleslaw, $3

Small mac and cheese, $3                             French fries, $2                       Tossed salad, $3

Bread, 4 slices $1